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The Greater Chernobyl Cause and its work has featured prominently in both regional, national and international publications over recent years.

Charity Founder Hopes for Boost after Award from Putin

Charity Founder Hopes for Boost after Award from Putin ; Fiona Corcoran Enjoys 'Surreal' Event in Kremlin with Russian Leader


It's not easy to choose a present for a president, so when Fiona Corcoran was invited to Moscow to receive an award for her humanitarian work from Vladimir Putin, she thought long and hard before eventually deciding on a pair of hand-crafted Irish bellows.

"I'd heard Putin liked spending time in the countryside so thought some bellows might come in handy," says the founder of the Cork-based Greater Chernobyl Cause charity who became the first Irish citizen to receive the prestigious Russian Order of Friendship this month.

"Putin's endorsement of our work is a huge boost," she said. "Let's hope it stokes Russian interest in our projects."

After presiding over the awards ceremony in the glittering Saint George's Hall in the Kremlin, Putin took a seat beside Corcoran at a banquet.