The Chernobyl Greater Cause

The Greater Chernobyl Cause

What we do

The subsequent collapse of The Soviet Union saw Fiona Corcoran widened her efforts in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. These countries gained their independence but at an enormous cost in terms of financial and social support. The casualties of this poverty are abandoned children and desperate adults. While much of the world ignores their plight, the Greater Chernobyl Cause has risen to the challenge to provide help and hope for the future.
Kazakhstan, the size of Western Europe, presents the charity with its greatest challenge. As the only Irish charity operating in that region, the Greater Chernobyl Cause strives to bring hope and give life to the children of Kazakhstan.


Humanitarian Aid
We send 40ft containers of Humanitarian Aid to Kazakhstan, Ukraine & Russia biannually. In addition, we operate a programme for overseas volunteers. Click here for more information on volunteering. By sending aid in sealed containers by sea we ensure that your donations reach those in dire need.


Building Programmes
We fnance the construction and repair of Orphanages, Hospitals and Care Centres. We support regional economies by purchasing all building materials locally, and in turn, providing employment to the local workforce.


Medical / Care Programme
We are activley involved in Hospice work for the elderly. We provide overseas medical treatment for sick children and actively participate in the Barretstown Programme. Our Rescue and Rehabilitation programme provides families for homeless children enabling them to ultimately make a valuable contribution to society.


Education Programme
We run an education programme for schools and colleges in which we present the plight of the people of Kazakhstan and the Underground Children of Kiev, educating students about the wider world and the suffering that exists there. It incorporates a documentary showing about our work. Along with this we provide a photographic presentation, lecture and question and answer session. We also offer students the opportunity of gaining work experience at our offices and aid centre in Cork.