The Greater Chernobyl Cause

Working to save and improve lives in the former Soviet Union

Our projects include:

The Chernobyl Greater Cause

The Greater Chernobyl Cause and its team of dedicated volunteers are striving to transform the desperate lives of abandoned children and ease the suffering of the old and infirm in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia.

Based in Cork, Ireland The Greater Chernobyl Cause began as a response to the world's worst nuclear disaster but has now widened its mission to concentrate on the human casualties of the break-up of the former Soviet Union. Supported by, among others, Actor Jeremy Irons, our work includes rebuilding squalid orphanages and hospices, shipping humanitarian aid, organizing food programmes and supplying vital medical equipment. Click on the video above to see how the charity is making a difference.


Once again, we at The Greater Chernobyl Cause owe Air Astana a heartfelt thanks for directly sponsoring flights to Kazakhstan for our CEO Fiona Corcoran.

Fiona has worked in Kazakhstan since the Nineties, bringing aid to the areas of need, along with a number of charity volunteers, who give so generously of their time. Since the inception of the charity, it has arranged and funded the building of orphanages, care centres and hospices for the neediest and most vulnerable of the Kazakh population.

Without the valued assistance of the national airline, Fiona would not be in a position to travel to this young, growing country where The Greater Chernobyl Cause participates in a number of projects such as overseeing the construction of a brand new hospice for the elderly.

Pictured above: Fiona Corcoran with Peter Foster, President of Air Astana, and Philip McDonagh, former Irish Ambassador to Kazakhstan

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